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Donation Opportunities

All donations are tax deductable. We thank you for your support!

Kickapoo Rail Trail

The Kickapoo Rail Trail Committee is gearing up for the upcoming construction season. Now that construction on the eastern portion may begin this summer, funding is again becoming a concerted endeavor. Please do what you can to make this great project come to completion. You may donate to the KRT in general, or specify funds for the eastern or western portions.

Commemorative Walkway

The Commemorative Walkway at the Bunker Hill Historic Area of Kennekuk County Park offers an opportunity for people to recognize a special achievement such as a retirement, graduation, promotion, wedding or anniversary or just to show your support for the Vermilion County Conservation Foundation.

The walkway can also provide a means to establish a lasting memorial to a loved one.

The specially engraved bricks come in two sizes with the regular sized brick (4″x8″) selling for one-hundred dollars, while the oversized brick (8″x8″) sell for $200.  Any number of characters from zero up to but not exceeding fifteen can be included on each line.

Commemorative Medallions

Commemorative Medallions

Casted by Larry Lovett in his shop in Georgetown, IL making commemorative medallions for the Kennekuk Environmental Education Center.

These medallions are available in silver and bronze and are pictured below. Silver version: $50; Bronze version $25.

To purchase your own Commemorative Medallions stop by the Kennekuk County Park Visitor Center during business hours, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm.

Honorary, Memorial and Special Gifts

The Vermilion County Conservation Foundation offers many opportunities to show your support to someone through an honorary gift.  Your gift may be in honor of a holiday, wedding, anniversary, birthday or for no reason at all.

A gift could be made in memory of someone who has passed.  A gift can be given for a specific purpose or project.


A widely chosen method of leaving a legacy gift is to remember the Vermilion County Conservation Foundation in a will or living trust.  

You may leave a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, a residual amount of your estate after obligations are met or leave a particular asset such as securities, real estate, life insurance, retirement account or valuable personal property.

For more details call the VCCF office at (217) 662-2142  
Your gift is very much appreciated and know that it will be used effectively for their intended purposes.

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